Here’s our 2024 Featured Speakers lineup

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Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Diep

Dr. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Diep researches the fields of Traditional Fine Arts and Digital Graphic Design. In 2022, she received a degree in Art History and Criticism at Ho Chi Minh City University of Fine Arts and became a candidate for many local research programs in Vietnam. In 2023, she published the book “The Art of Decorating Binh Duong communal houses” with important content in historical research, traditional artistic values and vector images of 13 Binh Duong communal houses. Currently, she is still researching Vietnamese traditional arts and Digital Graphic Design to help students realize the value of traditional arts and motivate them to study. For this reason, she is working at the University of Greenwich (in alliance with FPT University_ Ho Chi Minh City campus in Vietnam), and she is not only a lecturer but also a researcher in her aspirational field.

Ahmed El-Hashash

Prof. Ahmed Hashash

Prof. Ahmed Hashash has completed his PhD from Manchester University, UK. He was a fellow of the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) and New York University Medical School (MSSM), USA. He joined the University of Edinburgh (UK)-Zhejiang Int. campus, as Associate Professor of Biomedicine (2017-2022). In August 2022, he has joined Texas A &M University as Associate Professor of Biomedicine.

Past Speakers

education conference

Dr. Nathan Hensley

An Associate Professor of Sustainability Education at Bowling Green State University

Dr. Nathan Hensley is an educational theorist with a research focus on the intersection between sustainability, stories, curriculum studies, and transformative place-based education. He is the author of Curriculum studies gone Wild: Bioregional education and the scholarship of sustainability.

Presentation Topic: Reimagining Sustainability Education: Crafting a New Narrative

Prof. Yenni Rozimela

Prof. Yenni Rozimela

Prof. Yenni Rozimela is a professor in Language and Literacy at the English Department of Universitas Negeri Padang. She earned her PH.D. and her M.Ed. at the University of Melbourne. She has been working with school teachers in several programs. Her research interest deals with methods/strategies/assessment of teaching EFL, EFL Writing, and teacher professional development.

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Dr. Veronica Isabela Quandt

Dr. Veronica Isabela Quandt is a multi-talented professional with a strong background in teaching, research, and the IT and engineering industries. With a doctorate and two master’s degrees, she is currently a research associate at the Department of Computer Science, University of Applied Sciences Heilbronn. Her expertise lies in experimental teaching methods, student engagement, and exploring innovative learning formats.

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Dr. Jana Luprichova

Dr. Jana Luprichova holds the position of Assistant Professor at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava, Slovakia. Most of her teaching focuses on preparing both pre-service teachers and qualified specialists in English language, literature and culture. Before achieving the PhD degree, she worked as a Research and Development Manager at the Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. After PhD study, her research interest is focused on implementing the CLIL methodology at all levels of education, as well as the internationalization process of higher education at non-philological universities. She has been involved in many national and international projects. Currently, she is a member of the COST project framework.

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Dr. Ana Mercedes Vernia-Carrasco

Ana M. Vernia Carrasco, is a PhD and professor at the Jaume I University (Castellón, Spain). Her research lines move between education, pedagogy, and quality of life, through music. She is coordinator of the Q-HEART research group and Director of the Project “L’Alcora for Musical Research and Quality of Life” . She has different awards related to education, quality of life and music. She is also president of the Society for Musical Education of Spain (SEM-EE). She is currently working on a project for the prevention of dementia and mental health through active musical practice.

Grace Yuwono

Dr. Grace Yuwono

Grace Yuwono received her PhD in education from The University of Sydney, Australia in 2008. Her research focused on English teacher professionalism in Indonesia. She has extensive teaching experience at tertiary institutions in both Australia and Indonesia. Her current position is a First Year Experience Coordinator at Western Sydney University where she provides academic and pastoral support for first year students. Her areas of interest include transition pedagogy and student support.

Gábor Gutai

Mr. Gábor Gutai

Gábor Gutai is a second-year Ph.D. student at Constantine the Philosopher University in Nitra. He holds a master’s degree in teaching English. His research interests include Artificial intelligence and its benefits for teaching English in EFL classes.

Tazila Parveen Ramputh

Ms. Tazila Parveen Ramputh

Tazila P. Ramputh, BSc (Hons) Biology, MA Higher Education, is an EdD candidate at Maynooth University Ireland. Co-founder of Liffey College Dublin where she is currently the QA Director, Tazila holds the NUI Dr Mary L Thornton Scholarship in Education Award. Her interests encompass transformative strategies that contribute towards advancing knowledge of pressing issues underpinning educational practice, policy and research.

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Mrs. Božena Petrášová

Božena Petrášová graduated from the Faculty of Arts of the Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. Later, she received her PhDr. in Didactics and PhD. degree in Translatology. Since 2002, she has been working at the Department of British and American Studies of the Faculty of Arts at UCM in Trnava. Her research focuses mainly on English Phonetics, Phonology and Morphology.

Valentine Joseph Owan

Mr. Valentine Joseph Owan

Valentine Joseph Owan is a dedicated researcher and postgraduate student at the University of Calabar. He specializes in Research, Measurement, and Evaluation, with interests spanning Educational Assessment, Multivariate Statistics, research impact assessment and more. A skilled communicator and collaborator, Owan is published widely in international literature. He founded Ultimate Research Network (URN) and Vinkwell Publishing Company Ltd.

Arusyak Ivanyan

Ms. Arusyak Ivanyan

Arusyak Ivanyan is an English Lecturer, International Researcher, Reviewer, author and bestseller on Amazon. She has an academic book “Dependent Presentations and Prepositional Phrases”. She is PhD candidate at European university in Armenia and working at Northern University as Head of International Relations and English Lecturer.

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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Tomáš Kos

Junior Professor at the Department of English and American Studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin.

Tomáš Kos taught foreign languages (English, German, Japanese, and Czech) in various countries in Asia and Europe for nearly twenty years. He also served as a homeroom teacher in primary and secondary school classrooms. He spent nearly fifteen years in Asia, mainly in Japan where he worked as a teacher and studied Japanese culture and language. After he had completed a Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics at Lancaster University, he taught at Martin Luther University in Halle-Wittenberg and the University of Leipzig in Germany in the field of second and foreign language pedagogy with a focus on primary school. The overarching goal of his research has been to identify and understand how interpersonal classroom interaction influences second language learning of young and young adolescent learners. His current research focuses on peer collaborative learning among young learners.

Presentation Topic: Peer collaborative learning among young learners in foreign language classrooms: What does the research say?

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Dr. Harry Patrinos

Harry Patrinos is Adviser, Office of the Chief Economist for Europe and Central Asia at the World Bank. He specializes in the economics of education. He managed and led education operations in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. He developed the Harmonized Learning Outcomes database, published in Nature. He has a D.Phil. from the University of Sussex.

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Dr. Katrin Fritsche

Dr. Katrin Fritsche is a project coordinator and researcher at the Digital Humanities Department at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, GER. She also works as a freelance consultant, lecturer, and author in the field of teacher education, vocational training, and digital skills.

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Dr. Tamra Wilcox

Dr. Tamra Wilcox is an Ed.D. graduate of the Leading Language and Literacy specialization at the University of Calgary. As an elementary school principal with responsibility to lead teachers in literacy instructional development toward school and jurisdiction goals, she is interested in research that elevates the educator voice and focuses on enhancing children’s literacy development.

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Dr. Naum Gregory Katz

Dr. Naum Gregory Katz has taught European Cultural History, World History, Art History, and East European Literature at Carnegie Mellon University since 1991. Before his university career, he had the opportunity to work as a high school teacher. Dr. Katz has worked in various countries in Europe and Asia and is an Honorary Professor at Beijing Jiaotong University (China).

Gülendam Akgül Gülendam Akgül

Dr. Gülendam Akgül

Dr. Gülendam Akgül, had undergraduate education in psychology, graduate education in applied psychology and PhD education in educational psychology. She is assistant professor at Çankırı Karatekin University Social Works department for 3 years. Her research interest is focused on adolescents’ identity development, immigrant students, cyberbullying, and gifted children and their education.

Derya Atalan Ergin

Dr. Derya Atalan Ergin

Dr. Derya Atalan Ergin had undergraduate education in psychological counselling and guidance, graduate education and PhD education in educational psychology. She is assistant professor at Cappadocia University Psychology department. Her research interest is focused on adolescents’ mental health, problematic internet usage, parent training programs and immigrant students.

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Prof. Jasmin Jusufi

Prof. Asst. Dr. Jasmin Jusufi is an English Language Professor at the University “Ukshin Hoti” Prizren. With a Doctorate in Philology and a degree in applied linguistics, his research on Multilingualism in Kosovo and minority languages has contributed significantly to promoting linguistic diversity. His research areas include ELT, Multilingualism, Language acquisition, Linguistic Landscape.

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Mr. Victor Tan

Staying true to his internal calling, Victor earned his Bachelor’s and Master of Counselling from SUSS (Singapore University of Social Sciences) in 2015 before completing his DISE (Diploma in Special Education) in 2017 from NIE (National Institue of Education). His professional portfolio included working as a Special-needs Educator and an Educational Psychologist before pursuing further studies full-time. He is currently a doctoral candidate in the Doctorate of Applied Social Research program at the University of Stirling where he has also taken on Researcher and Tutor roles. His area of interest includes Special Education, Developmental and Educational Psychology.

Annie Kirsten

Ms. Annie Kirsten

Annie Kirsten is currently employed as a full-time lecturer in the School of Education at the IIE MSA. She primarily lectures within the foundation phase band and has a keen interest in languages, movement, mathematics, and art education, and in particular learner support in the early years. She was formerly a Foundation Phase Teacher in the public basic education sector, she brings a wealth of knowledge to the higher education sector to equip students in their initial teacher training. She has obtained her Master’s degree in Learner Support and she is a registered Ph.D. student specializing in special needs education.

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Keynote Speaker

Dr. Patrice Morgan

Assistant Professor, Education Program, CUNY Kingsborough Community College, USA

Patrice Morgan, Ed.D, is an Assistant Professor in the Education Program at CUNY Kingsborough Community College. The majority of her teaching focuses on preparing pre-service teachers to enter classrooms in a professional manner with the confidence, skills, and knowledge needed for success.  Dr. Morgan has co-facilitated workshops and discussions for both students and faculty on topics related to motivation, educational technology, and becoming culturally responsive. Before joining Kingsborough’s faculty in 2010, Dr. Morgan was a Principal of a NYC Charter School and prior to that she taught in the elementary grades for over 10 years.

Keynote Topic: Building a Community of Learners to Support Collaborative Faculty and Student Research Projects
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Prof. Haitham Solh

Prof. Haitham Solh holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from Louisiana State University (with a minor in Mathematics), and has been teaching undergraduate Mathematics and Statistics courses at the American University in Dubai for the past 13 years. He has won multiple awards and accolades, including best professor of Mathematics from the Asian Education Leadership awards in 2019, and the President’s Award for Outstanding Teaching in 2021.

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Dr. Desire Chiwandire

Dr. Desire Chiwandire is a Post-Doctoral Research Associate with the Department of Disability and Human Development at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). He holds a Ph.D. in Political and International Studies from Rhodes University and his doctoral thesis focused on Ubuntu and the social inclusion of students with disabilities at South African universities.

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Dr. Jila Naeini

Dr. Jila Naeini is Emeritus Assistant Professor in the English Faculty at Islamic Azad University. She is currently teaching at Alzahra University and Faran Mehr Danesh Higher Education Institute. She completed her Ph.D. in TEFL, and a master degree on general psychology. Her research interest lies in the area of teaching methodology, assessment, psychology, and neuro science of language teaching.

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Dr. Carlos Sotomayor-Beltran

Dr. Carlos Sotomayor-Beltran held his degree in Systems Engineering and Computer Science. He has extensive experience in the undergraduate and postgraduate University Chair.

education conference 2023

Dr. Tomas Kos

Dr. Tomas Kos holds a position of a Junior Professor at the Department of English and American Studies at the Humboldt University of Berlin. His research interests include foreign language instruction with a particular focus on peer interaction among young learners.

education conference 2023

Dr. Jingshu GUO

Dr. Jingshu GUO holds her Doctoral researcher at Kyushu University, Graduate School of Integrated Sciences for Global Society, Japan. Her research interests are in English teaching, teaching English as Second Language, Mobile Learning, applied Linguistics.

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Dr. Noha. A. Alaa El Dine

Noha. A. Alaa El Dine is a Ph.D. holder in Business Administration from Durham University Business School, UK, 2013. She is currently an Assistant Professor of Marketing at Nile University, Cairo, Egypt. She has over 20 years of experience in the consulting business. Her research interests include marketing and branding, online learning, customer experience, and knowledge management.

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Mr. Herberth Alfonso Mendieta Ramírez

Mr. Herberth Alfonso Mendieta Ramírez, from Universidad Santo Tomás, Bogotá-Colombia. He works as a researcher and teacher of English as a foreign language. He currently works with curriculum and assessment. He also supports quality and accreditation processes as well as teacher training in higher education.

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Miss. Lilian Naa Obiorkor Tetteh

Miss. Lilian Naa Obiorkor Tetteh is a Doctoral student pursuing Educational Psychology in Texas Tech University in the United States. She holds a master’s degree in Educational Administration with Principal Licensure and bachelor’s degree in Education Management studies. Her research seeks to promote psycho-social and academic welfare of less-privileged and marginalized children in the United States and globally.