Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Research in Education

Year: 2019


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Mobbıng Perception of Employee Personnel in Non-Seated Sports Federations

Nezahat Çalis1Bülent Fişekçioğlu2



This study was conducted to determine the mobbing perception of the staff working in independent sports federations in Turkey.The population of the research was staffed by independent sports federations in Turkey, and the representative samples consisted of 251 employees selected from this population by random sample (Random) method.In this research, the personal information form developed by the researcher was used in order to reach demographic information as a means of data collection whereas the Negative Acts Questionnaire (NAQ) which was developed by Einarsen and Raknes (1997) and was adapted by Cemaloğlu (2007) was used to measure mobbing perception.In this study, it was put forward that the scores of “social relationship subscale” are differing significantly depending on “gender” and this difference is caused by “female” participants and participants with “9 ≥ year” working time have less score on “task” subscale than other two groups whereas participants with “2000 ≤ TL” monthly income of have been found to have higher scores on the “task” and “social relationship” subscale than the other two groups. Besides, when checked the scores of marital status, age, education level and working year variables in the federation’s, “social relation” and “task”subdimensions, it was noticed that these variebles were not determinant on the perception of mobbing of Independent Sports Federations employees.

Key Words:Perception; Independent Sports Federations; Mobbing; Staff.

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Nezahat Çalis

Konya Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports

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Bülent Fişekçioğlu

Faculty of Sportive Sciences, Konya/TurkeySelçuk Üniversitesi

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